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Posted by Mike Woodgate on January 31, 2013

When taking a moment to look back on the work that we do here at BTI, I try to recall that moment that the idea was sparked in the first place. One way I have always enjoyed doing this was to look back at old notes and sketches from the numerous sketchbooks that I keep. Despite all the revisions and phases that we go through during each project, it is amazing to see how closely the final ‘solution’ sometimes resembles the original ‘spark’. Below are some current examples that I found while digging through my notes.

BTI Christmas Campaign 2013

The idea to build 4′ letters out of wood for our Christmas campaign was sparked while I was gathering firewood (of course). We constructed and painted the letters to spell out our holiday message on our christmas card, and also installed them outside our Streetsville office as a holiday greeting to passers-by. Watch how this fun and exciting project came together here.

Teriyaki Experience – More To Love

Hand drawing fonts is a great way to think outside of the box when working with type. We wanted to create a bold, memorable visual message while incorporating food photography.

Building On Innovation

Here is a concept sketch shown side by side with the final art. From first to final its almost identical.

For more examples of this, see a previous post of mine: Creative Spark.