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Bringing a brand to life

These are the tools BTI uses to craft compelling brand stories that drive sales.


Video uses everything to draw people into your brand story. Light, colour and sound can all combine to make for an unforgettable experience. Websites, social media, shelf talkers, sales conferences - the possibilities of where video can live are endless.


Getting that perfect shot starts well before a shutter ever snaps. It’s about finding the right model to represent the brand image, staging the lighting to make the logo on the packaging pop and searching out the perfect location that says a thousand words.


Crafting the right story is about uncovering the real insights buried in a brand and making them relevant for consumers. BTI writes copy that sells on websites, social media platforms, sales presentations, advertising and packaging and much more.


Hard data can be difficult for consumers to absorb, its also incredibly important. Infographics make numbers come to life. Complex information is expresses in simple shapes and colours to ensure everyone gets the point.


In an ever more digital world, illustration can break through on an emotional level unlike anything else. From custom icons to full scale art pieces, BTI uses a combination of in-house artists and world-renown illustrators to deliver something special.