How we do the great things we do comes down to our team.

We are a team of dreamers and innovators who share a common passion for connecting brands with people. Get to know team BTI by reading our profiles, and give us a call so we can to get to know you as well!

Parveen Dhupar

Parveen Dhupar

Eclectic Philosopher

Role: Chief Creative Officer

What kind of a day is it going to be?

Parveen Dhupar is a proven brand strategist with over 25 years of experience in retail, corporate and consumer packaged goods. Parveen possesses a thorough understanding of strategic marketing, planning, conceptual design, print production, digital media, business development and management and client services. He is also an award winning graphic and package designer, has lectured for the media studies programs at Humber College and has sat on the Advisory Board at the college.

Parveen’s belief is that work should not dictate your entire life: “Work to live, not live to work”. This motto is impressed upon the entire BTI team. Parveen also believes that “in order for everyone to truly put in 110% effort while at the office, we need to live a more balanced, fruitful life complete with other activities and hobbies when not at the office.” For Parveen, those activities include coaching his son’s basketball and baseball teams, pumping iron, and enjoying as much time as possible with his wife and children.

Sheryl Johnson

Sheryl Johnson

Eclectic Trailblazer

Role: Chief Insights Officer

A perfect blend of the right and left brain. Sheryl is a marketing executive who understands the consumer is at the center of every communication, creative or strategic story. Having led marketing teams at CPG, Software and Financial giants; Nabisco, Kellogg, Weston Foods, Kraft, Intuit and Manulife, Sheryl brings multi- industry practical strategic thinking. Having been in the chair as a marketing leader, she appreciates the challenges of building successful campaigns to exceed the ROI, KPI and LRP pressures of the business. Sheryl keeps a focus on understanding how, why and when consumers are willing to change behaviour, making the difference between trial, repeat or loyalty for the business.

Shashi Ghai

Shashi Ghai

Eclectic Ambassador

Role: Operations Manager

Leadership is being the first egg in the omelette.

Shashi joined BTI Brand Innovations in 2003 has gained invaluable industry knowledge over the years. She is considered the “whip” of the organization, keeping everyone in the office on their toes and ensuring deadlines are met. As a gifted, well-organized individual, she has the unique ability to juggle many tasks simultaneously.

As Operations Manager, Shashi is accountable for day-to-day operations, ensuring BTI is being run efficiently and cost effectively. As Account Manager, Shashi is responsible for leading the project management team, managing key accounts, and planning and executing corporate events.

When not at the office, and not on her long daily commute, Shashi spends much of her free time volunteering with various charitable organizations and is part of the organizing committee for the CIBC Run for the Cure - Markham/Richmond Hill. Despite her busy schedule, she still manages to find time to spend with family and friends, travel and of course, time to shop!

Dhara Naik

Dhara Naik

Eclectic Orchestrator

Role: Project Manager

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

With over 7 years of international advertising experience and association with global brands like Oreo and NIVEA, Dhara Naik is a taskmaster and an effective communicator. She refuses to stay within her comfort zone and constantly pushes the boundary. Her ability to see the forest and the trees helps her to bring excellence in her project management capabilities.

Along with her rich experience in the advertising fraternity, Dhara brings in the belief that the future of advertising will not be lead by platform or media, but is IDEA driven. She also advocates that great ideas don't stroke egos, but serve brands; the objective isn't individual glory, but brand success. Dhara firmly supports the philosophy that creativity is like washing a pig, and hey, who doesn't like pigs?

When not at the office Dhara loves spending quality time with her son. Whether it's an adventure at the park, getting messy with DIY projects or exploring his limitless imagination, there is never a dull moment!

Mike Woodgate

Mike Woodgate

Eclectic Executionist

Role: Creative Director

Let me show you how it's done.

With over 15 years at BTI, Mike has done it it all. His growth and evolution as an artist, graphic designer, and director stems from his genuine love of the arts and his passion for bring his creative ideas to life. As Creative Director, Mike leverages his years of industry experience, bringing strategic thinking, and creative flair to each and every project. He continues to play an integral part in BTI’s growth by inspiring those around him and leading the creative team by example.

Out of the studio, Mike expresses himself creatively in other ways, either hammering out drum beats in various rock bands, and spending quiet times at home creating wildlife paintings and illustrations.

Pardeep Dhupar

Pardeep Dhupar

Eclectic Humanizer

Role: Technology Advisor

Tracking likes, hits and fans is serious business.

Pardeep Dhupar is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of leadership in marketing, product management and information technology within high-technology companies such as Nortel and Corel. He has extended market reach for many clients via effective on-line presence and engagement, email and direct marketing, digital media, search engine optimization and marketing, events and promotions.

As a CIO of Corel, Pardeep successfully introduced and evangelized the use of social media/networking to improve dialogue with customers and greatly improve internal efficiencies via increased collaboration.

Pardeep enjoys quality time with family and friends. In addition to listening to all types of music, he is an avid book reader and a fan of movies. Pardeep also coaches youth soccer and is an avid supporter of his children’s burgeoning hockey careers.

Anindya Sen

Anindya Sen

Eclectic Data Whiz

Role: Analytics Advisor

Anindya Sen is Professor of Economics at the University of Waterloo and is ranked among the leading economists in Canada. Professor Sen has turned his passion for data and number crunching into a successful consulting practice. He has acted as an advisor to public and private sector clients, giving business and economics based insight based on data trends.

Anindya’s firm belief is that numbers often contain invaluable information on human behaviour and choice. He has constructed empirical models based on economic principles that identify significant determinants of market share and profitability. He is also an expert in cost benefit and cost effectiveness analyses aimed at identifying optimal business strategies.

In his spare time, Anindya makes sure to visit the gym regularly and is a happy suburban parent, taking his children for their myriad activities. He is a huge comic book fan and possesses an extensive library.

Ernie Francis

Ernie Francis

Eclectic Curator

Role: Brand & Packaging Councel

Ernie has an impeccable pedigree of experience in Creative Direction and design for branding and communications with the biggest and the best corporations like Nestle, Kraft, CIBC, Osler, Sleeman, Labatt, Molson and Rexall.

Ernie is an award winning, internationally experienced communications designer, project manager and creative director with over 30 years professional experience in marketing, corporate communications, consumer packaged goods and environmental design.

He is passionate about the value and effectiveness design and creativity brings to business communications, and to the consumer. Balancing this is his love for art and design history, painting and drawing, with his work in private collections in Great Britain, the U.S., South America and East Asia.

Gyan Harshvardhan

Gyan Harshvardhan

Eclectic Analyzer

Role: Senior Insights Advisor

Gyan is an award-winning strategy and insights professional with a distinguished record in tier-one consumer goods and marketing research consulting firms.

Before taking to an insights career, Gyan moved through progressive leadership roles in brand marketing, working on well-known brands like Campbell’s Chunky, KitchenAid and Jenn-Air. His first-hand business leadership experience provides Gyan a unique perspective in helping clients drive the growth agenda of their brands.

With ten plus years of marketing research experience on both the client and agency side, Gyan champions a tool-agnostic outlook while focusing on the client’s business issue and developing a targeted, bespoke research solution.

Gyan has served as a senior consultant for an eclectic mix of clients like Coca-Cola, McCain, Pizza Hut and Pfizer through a broad range of research initiatives including branding, tracking, segmentation, usage and attitude, innovation, product testing and pricing studies.

Ritu Dhupar

Eclectic Handler

Role: Office Manager

Office managers make the world go 'round.

After 15 years as a Registered Nurse with expertise in Oncology nursing, Ritu left her job to balance her new career as a full-time mom and part-time Office Manager at BTI.

Ritu is responsible for the daily accounting, office management and administrative assistance. She adds strong organizational skills with attention to detail, keeping the BTI Team in check.

To top it all off, when she is not in the office or driving the kids from activity A to activity B, she is busy toning her body.

Emily Taraborrelli

Eclectic Envisionist

Role: Project Manager

If you envision it, I can realize it.

Emily’s diverse background in business marketing, graphic design, and print production make her a strong asset to the BTI team. Given her keen attention to detail, a passion for problem solving and an overall observant nature, Emily is a Project Manager to be reckoned with.

At the office, Emily can be found relentlessly tracking down project updates, diligently following up with clients and suppliers, and energizing the design studio with her quirky sense of humour.

Outside of the office, the ‘playful’ Emily loves a strong dose of weak competition in any and every game available. The real competitor comes out while playing tennis or bocci ball. You’ll also find her spending time with family and friends, volunteering for a just cause, or enjoying live music.

Brittany Zies

Eclectic Nurturer

Role: Digital Marketing & Communications

Today is the day!

Brittany got her start at a public relations agency where she proved herself as a natural storyteller and honed her skills in copywriting, media relations and community management. She is proud to have worked on some of Canada's top brands; MasterCard, Coleman, Fiji Water, Dell and Aveda to name a few.

At BTI Brittany specializes in digital marketing and communications, turning insights into action and offering strategic council for clients and peers. Adopting a glass half full approach to problems and challenges, Brittany doesn't allow murky water to ruin a day at the beach.

Away from the office, Brittany loves spending time outside, taking her daughter on adventures and walking her dog. When she's not out getting her daily dose of Vitamin D, Brittany can be found trailblazing in the kitchen, whipping up healthy smoothies or chocolate chip cookies, in true Gemini fashion. Her mantra is that life is all about a balance - but if you are what you eat, she only wants to be the good stuff!

Eno Qiu

Eclectic Mediator

Role: Digital Marketing & Communications

Pick a keyword for your own life, and keep testing it.

From traditional journalism to social media marketing, SEO and SEM, Eno knows how to ease into the audience mind. She loves to conduct comprehensive market research to gain a deep understanding of a business and its audience. Through a deep understanding of a project, she makes business goals more tangible and expectations trackable.

Multilingual in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, Eno appreciates different cultures and perceptions, and applies that into daily work. She is keen to approach things with a fresh perspective and you can find her sitting behind the desk pondering on fun and innovative ideas. Feel free to pick her brain as you need!

On the weekend, she loves to spend time exploring the city, or indulging in Netflix and making a delicious home cooked meal. With an Aquarius embedded in her soul, she has a visionary, optimistic, and humanitarian approach to life.

Thera-Lee Laurin

Thera-lee Rego

Eclectic Accelerator

Role: Graphic Designer

Did someone say CMYK? I can do that!

Thera is a versatile and multi talented designer with an ever evolving set of skills and a vivid imagination. These abilities allow her to tackle any creative challenge from brief and ideation to final execution. Developing and executing creative strategies, storyboarding videos, creating app designs, writing blogs, and more are all in a day for Thera. She is quick on her feet, enjoys creative problem solving, and is always improving her skills by keeping up with newest features in the Adobe software.

In addition to working as a graphic designer, Thera spends her free time volunteering at taekwondo and training for her black belt. She also enjoys running, spending time with the family and a good laugh.

Mahdi Mousavi

Eclectic Cipher

Role: Web Developer

If it can be thought, it can be done.

Mahdi is a full-stack PHP and .NET developer with over 8 years of extensive experience in system analysis, design and development. His experience includes custom Drupal, WordPress and Joomla development. He possesses a strong background in custom web and desk top application solutions.

Mahdi has a knack for identifying the best technology solution for any client, while balancing budget and deadline restraints. He has extensive experience as a web and software developer in different types of industries including Finance, Accounting, Entertainment, e-commerce and real estate.

In his free time he enjoys reading novels and spending time outdoors, going on hikes.

Marlon Tiongson

Eclectic Shape-Shifter

Role: Web & Graphic Designer

I set my alarm daily to push further.

Marlon is a seasoned Graphic and Web Designer with a wealth of experience in the advertising industry. He is a conceptual artist who is always in pursuit of creative excellence. Having made the switch from print to web proved beneficial, as he gained the flexibility to work on both mediums. He is well versed in web design and front-end development, and constantly learning new skills to add to his arsenal.

At home, Marlon enjoys listening to music and watching movies, and during the warmer months, you can find him out on the road riding his bike or working on (long overdue) DIY projects.

Crystal Kam

Eclectic Architect

Role: Web Designer

Web is my game, design is my strategy.

With a passion for development and design, Crystal creates impactful websites with form and functionality. With a background in web design, graphic design, and marketing, she is a triple-threat who translates ideas into a full-fledged integrated experience across digital platforms. Her eye for colour and typography adds vibrancy and depth to a design, while her front-end skills creates sites that are clean, dynamic, and responsive.

When she’s not in the office, Crystal enjoys marathoning TV shows, knitting, and struggling with which tea to drink next. During the summer months, Crystal likes to sneak away to the cottage where you’ll find her hiking, enjoying a s’more by the fire, and spending time with friends and family.

Fen Hsu

Eclectic Visualist

Role: Graphic Designer

Living is about play, work and creating.

Fen is a graphic designer who is all about building a story from the ground up. As a graduate of OCAD University with a degree in Illustration, Fen is passionate about creating original graphics and illustrations that inspire audiences and translate brand stories into ownable visual content.

Fen’s creative resume spans a wide range of work – from a children’s book illustration to digital vector icons; she has both the technical skills and an imaginative mind to deliver outstanding results. Her background in graphic design, illustration, and packaging design made her diverse in creative thinking, great at problem-solving and a true asset to the BTI team.

On the weekends, you can find Fen wandering in the city, sweating in a hip-hop dance studio or at a local dog park with her dog Nugget. Fen knows that picture speaks a thousand words, so she lets her work do the talking.

This could be you

This could be You!

Eclectic Addition

Do you have what it takes?

We are passionate about the many things that inspire us to develop great ideas. Want to join our team? Do any of these words represent you? Collaboration, Leadership, Initiative, Fresh, Team Player, Integrity, Resourceful and Creative.

At BTI Brand Innovations we are always looking for innovative like-minded people. If you think you have what it takes send your CV along with examples of your work to .