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Posted by Mike Woodgate on November 24, 2014

Teriyaki Experience’s menu has greatly evolved over the past 10 years to satisfy new tastes and trends in the food industry. We have seen these changes first hand, as we have been a key part of the brand’s evolution over that time.

However, while their menu may have changed, it has been our mission to evolve the brand without losing sight of their core values and main message. Teriyaki Experience is and always will be a provider of Japanese food as a healthier alternative to other fast food choices, preparing customer’s meals fast and fresh to order, with a focus on food quality and flavour.

Using qualitative and quantitative research, we reviewed the current brand messages and developed the positioning statement:

“Nutritious, delicious Japanese food, prepared fast and fresh before your eyes”


To further reinforce the experience that customers have when they visit a Teriyaki Experience location, we created a series of three icons that represented the words “See, Taste, Love”. Customers see their food being prepared and once they taste it, they ultimately love it.

The “T” icon was another way to compliment the Teriyaki Experience logo while reiterating the positioning statement. This icon was developed to be effective on packaging, and within store design and signage.

In addition to these elements, a colour palette and patterns were established and a brand standards guide was created to ensure that our message and look/feel could be delivered in a consistent way.



Teriyaki Experience customers keep coming back, and when they talk about the brand, we consistently hear a simple statement from them: “I love Teriyaki”.

It is this statement that inspired the “More to Love” campaign. The aim of this campaign was to focus on the key points of differentiation between Teriyaki Experience and their competition, and give customers more reasons to love the brand.

The messaging was delivered through the creation of bold graphics and copywriting that were utilized through various in-store elements, wearables and a direct mail coupon flyer.

The “More to Love” campaign was such a success and, after achieving huge coupon redemption numbers, the campaign was subsequently spun into a seasonal holiday promotion that achieved similar success.

These achievements are a result of a great company with great products and values, and a clear brand message being delivered to customers in an effective and consistent manner.


BTI is proud to be a key player in the building and evolution of the Teriyaki Experience brand. Contact BTI to see how we can help you bring your brand to life.