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Posted by Stuart Jansen on October 21, 2015

Let's have a frank discussion: Why are you spending any money on T.V. Advertising? I'm not even going to talk about any of the mind blowing stats about YouTube's reach, let's just focus on 2 facts that makes YouTube advertising far more effective than television:

1) True Views: YouTube only charges for a "True View" which is when your video is watched for over 30 seconds! Think about it; a consumer can watch your ad for 29 seconds, and you will not be charged for that impression! This is incredible because you know that anyone who hasn't skipped your ad for the first 29 seconds is ACTUALLY INTERESTED in your content, unlike T.V., where you get charged not knowing who is paying attention.

You may spend $60/Thousand true views but you're really getting exponentially more value when you think about how many people were exposed to your ad for the mandatory 5 seconds, and anywhere between 5-29 seconds. To put that in perspective, for every true view you have there can be 20 people who skipped your ad, if not more. Plus, if your content is good enough your ad will go viral and consumers will deliberately search for your ad at no cost to you!

2) YouTube is owned by Google: in other words you can HYPER TARGET your audience, and get IN-DEPTH analytics! Unlike T.V. stations, who can only generally tell you the type of people who will see your ads, YouTube allows you to specifically target your audience by demographics, location, and interests. There are 2 ways you can target audiences by interest:

- Affinity audience: People whose interests are similar to your ad based on Google's analytics of their web behaviour.

- In-market audience: People who are currently searching for topics related to your ad, so that they see your ad while researching their purchase decision.

And it gets better; YouTube's analytics will provide you with demographic and interest data of customers who are clicking your ad, so you may find out something you didn't know about your clientele! Your brand might appeal to an audience you never expected.

Finally, the proof. If you look up case studies about Poo-Pourri and Orabrush you will find incredible stories of products that saw unbelievable success and ROI through YouTube advertising. Here is a brief case study on Orabrush: