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Posted by Parveen Dhupar on September 10, 2012

You remember our old blog, right?

A screen-cap of BTI’s old blog home page.

Well, just in time to match our newly redesigned website, the BTI Blog has just re-launched with a brand new look and feel. With a colour palette tied closely to our site, and some great big colourful images to make things more interesting, our blog is ready for action.

A screen-cap of BTI’s brand new blog home page.

Keep an eye on the BTI Blog for some great upcoming material; including tutorials, info-graphics, social media news, and more from our well-received ‘Know Your Web’ series.

Oh, and while you’re here – give a try at resizing your browser window.

Three screen-caps of BTI’s new blog, showcasing the fully functional responsive design.

That’s right, the brand new BTI Blog is also responsively designed to better fit whatever screen size you’re visiting us from. Pretty nifty, huh?