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Posted by Mike Woodgate on August 21, 2014

 All successful businesses follow certain processes to ensure consistent results and ultimately success.

Being in the business of generating creative ideas and bringing them to life, we here at BTI must have the ability to think outside of the box and react quickly to changing circumstances and situations. That being said, when we analyze what we do and how we do it, we come to realize that our design process follows a common path for all projects. Even when working under tight timelines and within limited budgets, we find that we can achieve brilliant results by following our design and production process.

While our process has been refined and tweaked over the years to allow for new technology, personalities, trends and innovations, the heart of our process still hinges on the things that I believe give BTI an advantage over our competitors: attention to detail, great creative, and true communication and partnerships with our clients.

Click the following image to see an infographic that takes you inside BTI’s creative process or scroll below to see our infographic video.