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Posted by Thera-lee Rego on June 21, 2017

The Living Arts Centre is a charitable organization dedicated to being a venue for global engagement in the arts. Located in the heart of Mississauga, it has been a landmark in the community since 1997 and has since seen over 5 million visitors. With a mission to promote arts for life, the centre plays a key role in hosting performing arts, educational, community and corporate activities throughout the year.

For their 20th anniversary, the Living Arts Centre reached out to us at BTI to give the brand a new image, beginning with a new logo design. While the current logo had served the LAC well and was well loved by many, it was also clear that a new, modern, world-class image would help elevate the brand into a position for growth over the next 20 years.

 - Living Arts Centre Mississauga Old Logo

 The objectives for the new logo design were clear:

  • Create strong, clear identification with increased flexibility
  • Communicate an overall contemporary look and feel
  • Position LAC as a world-class facility

We started the process off with plenty of brand research, exploring other modern designs, and then sketching our rough ideas on paper. It was at this stage that we explored designs that were architecturally inspired as well as some that were more typographic. 

- BTI Logo Sketches  

 - BTI Logo Colour Exploration   

Having selected the strongest designs that represented the core values of the centre, we narrowed down our options, tweaked and refined them until a final logo was decided upon. The new logo pulled inspiration from, and creatively communicated, important aspects of the Living Arts Centre and the Mississauga community. Then, in partnership with L.A.C., a final logo design was selected.

The new logo reflected:

  • Vibrancy and creativity, through bright colours and the use of purple; a colour which is strongly associated with the arts
  • The connectivity and diversity of the community, through the use of multiple colours and the way they interact and intersect with each other
  • Distinction and uniqueness, in the shape of the logo, which hints at the architectural shape of the building

L.A.C. Final Logo

"The new branding is bold, clear and positions the L.A.C. well as we move into the second 20 years."

Rob Hart
Director of Marketing & Communications, Living Arts Centre

To allow the brand to flex and evolve in various uses and platforms over time, we created a dynamic logo system. The new logo can take on a variety of colours, images, textures or animations while staying consistent, to truly reflect the dynamic nature of the centre.

- L.A.C. Dynamic Logo Concepts 

BTI is proud to have played a part in this historic rebranding, and look forward to seeing this logo in use in the city we call home.

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