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Posted by Emily Taraborrelli on February 18, 2015

Canada Beef Inc. is an independent national beef cattle marketing, promotion and research organization. They have always provided consumers and industry personnel with useful and relevant information through the use of various resources; but this year, it was time to bring those resources and information to a mobile platform which could be accessed by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Canada Beef turned to BTI Brand Innovations to conceptualize and develop their first comprehensive mobile app for Apple and Android.

There were 3 main objectives for the app:

  1. Serve as a reference tool that would help consumers make decisions while at the meat counter
  2. Help meat counter staff to engage with and educate consumers about beef
  3. Entice beef lovers to cook beef more often by offering various recipes and cooking instructions.

BTI consulted with Canada Beef to acquire insight on the behaviours, needs, and wants of the various user audiences. With insights in hand, we produced a multiplatform app suitably called ‘The Roundup™’. To design this app we first gathered and organized all content and planned out the navigation to provide an intuitive user experience. Next, graphics for the user interface design were developed with current branding in mind, to maintain a recognizable look and feel, while also offering something appealing to engage with.

The Roundup™ app offers the following features:

  • Loads of recipes and meal ideas, tested and true cooking instruction and tips, and short how-to cooking videos
  • Interactive beef cuts diagram with descriptions of each cut
  • Tips on buying beef and safe food handling, along with nutritional information
  • Links to the Make it Beef community?to keep the user engaged with everything beef!
  • Capability to ‘favourite’ recipes, instructions, tips and more
  • Shout Outs to contests, events, news and more

All these great features have lead to the app being referred to as the definitive guide for buying, cooking and enjoying Canadian Beef!



The Roundup™ app doesn’t stop there. It’s constantly being updated with more recipes, tips, and news to stay relevant and keep on giving. Experience The Roundup App today! Available on Google Play and The App Store.

Are you looking to design a comprehensive mobile app to engage and educate consumers? BTI is here to help, contact us today.