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Posted by Sarthak Sharma on April 25, 2016

'The Smashables', sound like a superhero team with destructive super powers. 2016 is the year of super heroes, from Avengers to Justice League. However, this blog is not about super heroes: 'Smashable' is a philosophy of super brands.

The philosophy of ‘Smashable’ dates back to 1915, when a designer from Indiana was asked to design a bottle by the Coca-Cola Company. The brief was simple: The consumer should recognize the bottle of Coke even if it was shattered into pieces. As a result, Coca-Cola got their contour bottle - the 'Smashable'!

'Smashable' is not just the design of the product; every consumer interface is potentially a 'Smashable'. In the case of Coca-Cola, it's the contour bottle, bubbly fizz, Spenserian logo, rich black liquid and red colour. Take them each independently and you can still recognize the brand.

The philosophy considers every possible consumer interface - logo, images, colour, texture, shape, style, website, each webpage, social media, sounds, copywriting and even tactical advertising - the multi-sensory experience. Some other identifiable 'Smashable' brands are Guinness, Ferrari, Harley-Davidson and Apple.

Let’s take another example, a consumer can recognize the Kleenex just with its smell, brand colours, fonts and texture of the product. Each fragmented piece should represent the brand, and be instantly recognizable as one.

So how does your brand achieve this 'Smashable' Status? Look at the big picture!

Every element should hold the power to stand on its own, and when integrated with other elements, it should reflect one personality and purpose - one Brand. It’s time to smash your brand and find out if it’s 'Smashable'.

Planning to reconsider your strategy? It's time you hold a spotlight to the sky and send a signal - or just call your friendly neighbourhood agency: BTI. We know how to give brands an edge and make them 'Smashable'. We know how to take all the fragmented pieces and create it into a fully integrated brand.