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Keeping it Real Since Forever



With the rise of alternative and simulated meats, beef and other meats were facing a lot of disparaging, public dialogue, a lot of which was based on misinformation. Canada Beef felt it was time to step up to the plate and talk back, but needed to nail down a strategic approach and a killer campaign.


Canada Beef decided to award BTI the 2020 nation-wide, ThinkBeef consumer campaign, based on BTI’s overarching concept; The One & Only Beef. The fundamental idea was to simply remind people why they love (real) beef. Messaging focused on crave appeal using words typically associated with beef; taste, sizzle, juiciness, and used light-hearted, sarcastic claims like “Keeping it real since forever” that playfully challenged the debate of fake beef vs real beef. Content and assets were developed and broadcast for wide and strong outreach.


The asset-rich campaign ran within a powerful mix of media channels, and granted a flexibility to pivot in strategy and extend in new ways. Traffic to the target website increased over 400% within only 3 weeks of the digital ad campaign launch. The Instagram contest saw hundreds of entrants within days of launching, and the recipe booklet garnered immense interest with orders placed immediately after its announcement. The social media outreach received a landslide of positive engagement, the videos were adored by many, and the retail P.O.P. toolkit was a success out of the gate.