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Posted by Marlon on December 31, 2013

The Holiday season reminds us of how much we have to be thankful for in our lives; friends, family, peace, food, shelter and so much more.  In this time of gratitude it is important for all of us to think of those who are not as fortunate as ourselves, whether they are overseas, or even in our own community. Here at BTI we believe in giving back, both through donations and by supporting the community that we live in, which provides us many of these blessings.

Here is how BTI gave back this year. We’ve provided the website links so that you too can support these great organizations!

Youth Without Shelter

Youth Without Shelter provides support to homeless youth, from shelter and food, to education and employment services. BTI donates our creative services to their annual “On the Right Track” fund raising event at Woodbine race track. We also supported this great charity by attending their “Home for the Holidays” event last month.

Mississauga Food Bank

The Mississauga food bank opened up a new food pantry at the Streetsville United Church. In keeping with the Holiday spirit, we held an office food drive and managed to donate several boxes of food in support of this great cause.

United Way

BTI supports United Way through ‘Whirlpool Canada’, by donating our services towards their annual fundraiser campaign’s theme development and creative execution. Each year the campaign raises almost $150,000 for United Way Peel Region.

Mississauga Santa Claus Parade

Streetsville is the proud home of BTI and we love the strong sense of community it provides. We decided that this year we would bring some added cheer to the Streetsville Santa Claus parade by dressing up as Christmas balls and handing out candy canes from the crowd. We felt that this, along with our singing and dancing would improve the community by showing support for this great, annual Holiday event.

Credit Valley Hospital

Every year BTI generously donates to Credit Valley hospital on behalf of all our clients and suppliers. As an alternative to giving out gift baskets, we’re giving a gift that we can all feel good about.

There are so many ways to give! Here are some other ways that we are thinking of helping out during the holidays and throughout the year, you should try them too.

Christmas Carolling at Nursing Homes

Nursing homes often hold many holiday themed events and activities for its residents, however, the holiday season can still seem very lonely to those residents who have no family to visit them. By visiting local nursing homes, singing carols and greeting the residents, we can bring added cheer to their lives. To organize a carolling event, and to find out other ways that you can help, call a local nursing home.

Giving Toys to Sick Kids Hospital

Sick Kids is always a great organization to support and the children they serve are well deserving of a Holiday treat. Donating toys to sick kids hospital is great because the toys may be used for the Treasure Box, which is presented to children after a difficult procedure. If you would like to host your own toy drive, check out the treasure box wish list to give them something they will really love!

Supporting Big Brothers and Big Sisters Canada

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization that provides mentorship to youth in order to enhance their development and self-esteem. There are many ways to support them, from actually volunteering as a big brother or sister, to providing corporate sponsorship. This is another great way that we can support our youth and give them a Christmas they will remember.

Donate Blankets to Homeless

Canadian winters can be fatal for those who don’t have homes and heating. This Christmas, we can donate blankets and socks to the homeless to help keep them warm. These things, that we sometimes take for granted, can be a matter of survival to those in need. The attached website gives tips on how to host a blanket drive, but is also a great resource for many charitable ideas.

There are so many great causes to support, so whether you take our suggestions or come up with your own, just remember to think of others this Holiday season.