BTI Email

BTI Email - Email Management System

When your marketing strategy requires custom Email Management Systems (EMS), BTI EMail provides advanced functionality missing from standard off the shelf systems such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc. It also incorporates Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality, eliminating the need for different systems. In one example, BTI Email was utilized for a real estate marketing program:

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  • Email Graphic 2
  • Email Graphic 3

Features and Benefits:

  • Create and manage email distribution lists
  • Customize standard email templates to meet your brand requirements
  • Develop, manage, and measure email campaigns
  • Create DRIP emails and action based emails allowing for closed loop marketing
  • Custom web services allow for auto responders and other transaction emails
  • Copy (CC) sales rep for each email sent to recipients/contacts
  • Sales portal provides access to each sales rep’s customer list and push campaign email
  • Fully integrated with BTI LeadGen for a complete marketing program