BTI Events

BTI Events - Events Management System

Countrywide roadshows require significant amount of coordination with the multi-city venues, registrants and internal sales staff. After years of managing large roadshows, BTI has leveraged its own custom event management system to automate all aspects and internal processes. The BTI events platform allows for complete event management, including event invitations, pre-event registration, real time reporting that enables the client to manage and increase attendees, on-site attendance check & event management, etc. This system has been used with great success at the Whirlpool National Roadshow managing over 10 cities and thousands of attendees:

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Features and Benefits:

  • Administration system to create and set up each event/session at different cities and venues
  • Allows sessions to be classified as exclusive sessions to limit who can register
  • Built-in email system to send invitations to previous registrants, reminder emails and post event emails
  • Registration page allows users to register for the closest city to them
  • Secure registrant’s personal portal to manage their existing registration (change or cancel) and to register their colleagues in one simple step
  • On-site attendance check capability with the ability to make and manage last minute changes to specific registrations
  • Dashboard displaying critical information to allow administrators and internal sales staff to act appropriately
  • Real time reports displaying the number of people who registered vs. attended vs. no shows
  • Role based system and reports access ensures internal staff visibility to their own information only