BTI Loyalty

BTI Loyalty - Loyalty Management System

A strong loyalty program is an important part of an overall brand strategy because the most loyal 15% of customers account for over 60% of your business. BTI Loyalty software platform allows you to develop a custom loyalty program that meets your business strategy. BTI’s leading edge loyalty program is completely web-based with a mobile app for consumers, which eliminates the need for traditional loyalty cards. BTI’s platform advances the playing field by allowing its clients to reach out to loyal customers with targeted messages and increase customer retention and revenue. Here is an example of a custom loyalty program that we built for the automotive industry:

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  • Loyalty Graphic 2
  • Loyalty Graphic 3

Features and Benefits:

  • Customize program settings such as redemption and reward amounts with membership status levels
  • Create mobile app/email/SMS messages that resonate with each customers’ unique situation
  • Utilize data analytics and customer behaviour history to create promotions that generate sales
  • Give consumers a mobile app that engages them with you on an ongoing basis to increase customer retention
  • Consumer engagement rewards members for referring friends (lead generation), booking appointments, etc.
  • Simple portal to manage leads, appointments and to conduct POS transactions for reward redemption
  • Web based administration system provides a portal to manage program and to assess performance via reports
  • Message centre allows for creation and management of messages sent to members, etc.