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Posted by Dhara on March 26, 2021


A whole year has passed since the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Hundreds of millions of lives changed since then, and one of the biggest transitions that came almost over-night, was our workforce shifting from in-person to online virtual platforms. As a result, almost every industry, irrespective of their offering, started to re-imagine and re-evaluate the way they deliver what was once in-person training to their staff. 

Many unprepared organizations were caught off-guard and had to fast-track their virtual training programs and were forced to roll out with almost no prior experience, skills, or technology in hand. On the other side, some companies boast years of virtual training, online learning, and learning management experience. These are more economical solutions compared to in-person training today, especially in large Telco or FMCG companies. However, with the world as we know it, these ‘good to have’ economical options have become more like ‘must have’ solutions. The question from “how can we train our people online?” has shifted to “how can we engage our people better in online training?” and "is it as effective?" 

A challenge we face is how effectively we can emulate in-person training onto an online platform that provides the comfort of human touch, engagement, and motivation? The learning technology market is fast-growing and full of innovative products and offers. As a result, it can be a bit tricky and overwhelming when it comes to selecting the right Learning Management System (LMS) for your company. 

An LMS is your blank canvas. The right system provides a platform for organizing and combining all of your content into a sleek, intuitive learning path. It’s the virtual space where trainees go to learn, collaborate and test their knowledge. Not all LMS are the same, so it’s always best to choose carefully based on the system's ability for customization, customer support, and features that meet your training needs.

Recently, one of Canada's fastest-growing Cannabis brands - Redecan, reached out to BTI for a solution on how to empower retail partners by providing training and sharing knowledge about Redecan products, features, and benefits as well as excite and unite the sales force about the company as a whole. As a result, BTI created an online education resource, The Redecan Institute of High Education, which launched in Q1 2021. Here, budtenders (retail associates) are rewarded for completing lessons about a wide variety of topics. Lessons are available via and also in a customized course training binder. BTI developed a variety of courses with modules on the company, key products, medicinal applications, and marketing each with a point value.

The possibilities for learning management systems are endless. BTI was challenged with the task of creating 60+ training videos for Whirlpool brands to train Retail Sales Associates. These videos were hosted on Whirlpool’s training portal for RSA’s easy reference. The right system can be customized to your audiences’ or your industry need. The platform also offers the option of hosting video content which makes it easy for trainees to absorb learnings in bite-sized chunks - a cornerstone for adult learning.

Although the options for virtual learning are expanding and improving every day, nothing compares to the human touch of an in-person experience. Brands know this - and that's why many are wondering when we will be able to return to location-based events. BTI client-partner, Whirlpool, has been hosting roadshows in-person for the last 10+ years. The roadshows, which take place nation-wide, have become an annual hub for innovation and learning. Modern brands have an appetite for hybrid solutions - a mix of in-person and online training. 

In the world of online training, the saying "a good craftsman never blames their tools,” doesn’t apply, as the right tool can change everything. There couldn't be a better time to design a learning path for your employees and delivering in a way that is fun, exciting, and engaging.  

Looking for a solution for training your staff and/or client partners? Let's talk. 

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