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Posted by Marlon on September 24, 2014

What do Super Bowl ads, grumpy cat, rick-rolling, cats, laughing babies, the Old Spice guy, more cats and celebrity wardrobe malfunctions have in common? Not only the fact that they are all videos, but they all stick. That’s right — unique video content, when done right, can have a lasting impression to its viewers.

If It’s Relatable, It’s Memorable

You probably have a better recollection of a video you’ve seen years ago than an article you read about last week. That’s because video content, with its rich and engaging ­­­experience, connects us visually, intellectually and emotionally — better than any other form of media.

Unlike pictures or written text, video has motion and sound, which resonates more with human emotion. Motion gives a sense of being present and real, while sound can set the mood as the story unfolds. That’s why viewers are more receptive to video – they find the experience more entertaining, enjoyable and quicker to digest.

On that note, BTI is proud to debut Building Your Brand. Produced entirely in-house (literally in our house), this short video is sure to blow you away. Using a vintage typewriter, freshly baked pizza, 317 dominoes, an engagement ring, Kia the cat and so much more, we proudly explain how our unique approach, creativity and attention to detail has helped our clients to build successful brand stories. Enjoy!



Video On The Go

With more and more mobile devices being capable of serving up video content across different platforms, experts predict there will be a surge in video content consumption in the next 12 months. That’s why 78% of organizations plan to use more video content. In fact, it is expected that video will make up 86% of online content by 2016. Furthermore, video served on mobile devices are more effective since it is the only thing that the viewer sees — no other distractions are present. This means video content with tremendous reach gives businesses higher success rates in targeting their viewers.

And it’s not about big, Hollywood-style, super-high-quality production – it’s about content. With technology today, you can create video content on almost any device commonly available. Plus, you can always get help from industry professionals to do it for you.

Video Content Types

As different types of video content continue to emerge and evolve, here are a few “types” of popular video content that can be tailored to suite your marketing needs. Bare in mind these are merely observations from the digital community, and not etched in stone.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

“How it Works” video
This is a popular video for introducing a product or service. It tells the story in a nutshell and has a lighter tone to it, that’s why much of these videos are done using graphical images and easy-listening music, which keeps the viewer focused on the idea at hand

Product video
These videos are mostly used for e-commerce, giving the customer a virtual experience that’s the next best thing to actually going to a physical store. Using 3D is an ideal way to replicate what a product looks like, giving the viewer a sense of what to expect prior to the actual sale. Product videos are critical components for e-commerce as they can make or break a sale. The more in-depth the videos are, the more chances for successful conversion.

Reel/Showcase video
Videos such as these give the viewer a glimpse of what a company is made of, its ideals and its commitment to its customers. Humanizing companies has been a tried and tested method of building customer relationship and loyalty, and a reel/showcase video helps reinforce the connection.

Testimonial video
Testimonials draw a fine line between being persuasive and totally fake. As long as the content is based on real facts and presented in a sincere manner, testimonial videos can play a vital role in building customer relationships.

“Viral” video
This is probably the more difficult ones to come up with. In most cases, videos go viral because of a few factors: it is unlike anything anyone has ever seen before; it hits an emotional soft spot that is endearing; or it’s just simply entertaining. A lot of its success also comes from aggressive promotion, especially through social media sharing.

Optimize And Monetize

So you’ve decided to invest on video content. Now what? You have to realize that creating video content is only the first step. You want your audience to find you. And once they do, you need to listen to what they are saying and ask what their interests are. By doing so you are making the connection and gradually building an audience that may soon become potential customers.

There is a wealth of online tools out there to help you promote your video content. Use them to track your viewers, add interactivity for driving lead generation and distribute across social channels, email campaigns and landing pages. Creating new videos on a regular basis will also encourage your viewers to keep coming back for more.

The Takeaway

Video content is becoming (if not already) the fastest growing and most effective marketing tool. Any business, big or small has an opportunity to benefit from online videos. Businesses should start investing in video content and connect with their customers by engaging them through social channels.

There are tons of unique ideas that can be crafted for video content. Just make sure they are relevant to your audience. Remember, your prospects engage in video content online (YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, etc.) on a daily basis. There is no reason why your business should NOT to be in it

Video content is one marketing bandwagon you wouldn’t want to miss! Visit our our work page and see how BTI uses video content to showcase our vast portfolio. Let BTI get you started on video content marketing today!