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Posted by Fen on February 22, 2019

A clear winning medium in 2018 was video content. Video content is easy to follow, can be extremely engaging, and has the potential to be “snackable” in today’s age of infinite scrolling and short attention spans.

Videos are a great way to grab attention instantly.

On many platforms, videos even autoplay as the user scrolls past them. Therefore, it is a great format to raise engagement on social media. Advertising a new product or service, increasing interactions with existing customers, or just acquiring new customers; a video creates a more intimate and authentic relationship with viewers.

In 2019, we are seeing the following four video marketing trends that you can leverage to promote your business.

Live Stream (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook)

Ever since Instagram launched live stories at the end of 2016, it has become an increasingly popular method for brands and influencers to broadcast on their channel. Yes, broadcasting live can be intimidating; however, there are a number of stats to show why it can be great for promoting your brand.
First of all, people stay to watch live stream videos three times longer than watching pre-produced videos. Because of the urgency of being current, it makes people feel more involved and engaged when they click on the live story and are “live” together with the brand/influencer. There’s also a comment feature so that the viewer can send immediate comments publicly, which would be shown in the live video. For example, often we see brands use the live story feature to have influencers do authentic product reviews.

Video Posts are Stronger than Images

What’s a better way to share a recipe than show a short tutorial video?

It is true that video posts on social media can get more views and more shares than static images. It is not hard to create a video post – a short and simple video clip or an animated GIF can showcase the products better than by showing a still image.

Micro-Influencer Product Reviews 

Have you ever seen sponsored celebrities promoting products on their social media? An Instagram ad can cost as much as $75,000 per post! People are more receptive to new products when they are guaranteed by celebrities or influencers whom they see regularly on social media. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend $75,000 to produce results. “Micro-influencers” are a new medium for social media marketing. They charge more affordable rates per post/video, and as a micro-influencer with more modest lifestyles, they develop a more intimate connection with their fans. One of our beloved partners, Muse: the brain sensing headband, worked on an influencer campaign just recently. They got several influencers to review the new Muse 2 on YouTube - proving to be a great success.

360 Videos & VR 

A 360 video is a new way to showcase a product/environment in its entirety, from all angles. It also allows viewers to interact with the video by moving their finger on the screen (or turning their body around while wearing a VR headset), so that they can decide what they want to see. This engagement is unparalleled as it makes it feel like the consumer is really there. Many brands have developed engaging campaigns using 360 video and VR, such as Verizon Media’s Abu Dhabi experience, allowing users to explore tourist spots in the city through virtual reality.

Videos are a fun and engaging way to interact with your digital audience while boosting clicks and maximizing conversions. Given the current social media climate, there has been no better time to start promoting your business through video. New features are being added constantly and the experience just keeps getting better with time. Your local connectors at BTI are always available for a chat.