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Posted by Parveen on July 29, 2014

Are you wondering why your e-commerce website is not generating your desired sales? Or are you looking to build an e-commerce site in the near future? These are 10 features that every e-commerce site must have if they want to succeed.

1. Fast Load Speeds

Believe it or not, more than 50% of consumers will leave a website if it takes over 3 seconds to load, and of those who leave, only 20% will ever give you a second chance. First impressions really are everything! To ensure that you don’t lose valuable customers because of load speeds consider the following:

  • Optimize images
  • Compress your files (JavaScript and Stylesheets)
  • Minimize outside plug-ins
  • Try to find local servers
  • Optimize the web server architecture

2. Visual Appeal

Functionality and user experience are great, but they are nothing without effective graphics. 92% of consumers say that visuals are the #1 influencer in their purchase decision. This is why it is important to choose a digital agency with graphic design and marketing experience as well! Nike is a great example of a visually stunning website.

3. Product Photography From Multiple Angles

Obviously the biggest drawback of online shopping is not being able to touch, test and try on the item before purchase. By providing consumers with many views of the product, they can feel more confident that it is the product that they want. How much more confident? Providing consumers with multiple product shots instead of just one leads to 58% more sales! Reebok does this very well.

4. Product Videos

The next best thing to having the consumer try the product for themselves, is to try the product for them. Over 50% of consumers feel more confident in purchasing a product online if the website provides product videos. Don’t just show the product, use it, make the video experience as interactive as possible for the consumer. Eagle Creek uses video to add more clarity on how the product is used.

5. Product Reviews

Always include a section for product reviews because consumers depend on those reviews to determine whether a product is worth buying, and whether or not you are a trustworthy establishment. 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. If you don’t have a product review option, you are telling the consumer that you aren’t confident in your own products, which causes the consumer to leave your site and search for reviews elsewhere. Once they leave your website, they may never return.

6. Low Shipping Costs

Just getting consumers to the checkout stage doesn’t guarantee a purchase; 67% of consumers abandon their shopping cart during the check out process. 44% of consumers abandon a purchase if shipping rates are too high and 53% of consumers will switch brands for competitive shipping rates. The purchaser factors the shipping rate into the cost, it is not 2 separate charges in their eyes, even though it is for businesses. This is the most difficult tip, but you have to do everything you can to have competitive shipping rate. One of our clients, Solutions, more than doubled their sales when they offered free shipping on orders over $100!

7. Transparent Pricing

41% of people who abandon a purchase do so due to hidden charges at the end of the checkout process. Be transparent with consumers in order to manage their expectations so that any additional charges do not blind-side them and make them feel cheated. For example, if you add any processing or administrative charges, notify the buyer that these charges will apply before the checkout stage.

8. Guest Checkout Option

29% of consumers who back out of a purchase at the checkout stage do so because they have privacy concerns towards creating an account. The consumers who you want on a mailing/newsletter list are the ones who sign up for it voluntarily. Keep a guest checkout option as well so that you don’t lose sales for the sake of a list. Those who choose to sign up will be more responsive to your newsletter and deals.

9. Checkout Progress Bar

10% of consumers who abandon check outs, do it because the process is too long. By showing them where they are in the process it makes it seem less tedious, of course you must ensure that your check out process is not too long – 5 steps maximum.

10. Trusted Card Logos

Many consumers are not sure if they can trust your site with their personal and credit card information. By displaying logos of accepted and trusted credit cards as well as logos of security sites like Trusted Verisign, Paypal trusted, etc. consumers’ trust level increases dramatically. More than 80% of consumers feel safer after seeing trustworthy card logos, it simply makes your business seem more legitimate. Make sure that your site accepts popular brands as 59% of consumers will leave a site if their preferred payment option is not provided.

BTI’s web development team can help you build a successful e-commerce website, like we have done for Solutions. Contact us to find out how we can build a unique website that fits the needs of your brand.

If you want more information on this topic, this great infographic by Voucher Cloud tells the whole story: