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Posted by Mike Woodgate on August 25, 2016

In recent years, we at BTI have made it a Christmastime tradition to help local families in need, by holding an inter-office food drive in support of the local food bank, Eden Food For Change. Some of us would spend a lunch hour and take a trip to the grocery store, and fill up our baskets with non-perishables (the usual would be canned goods, rice, pasta and some cleaning products). 

These food drives helped a lot of people in our community and gave us a proud feeling that we were making a difference.

But, this year we learned something different.

We learned we could be doing more.

Eden Food for Change was more than just a “food bank”. In addition to providing their members with the food they need, they also offer educational support on nutritious food preparation and healthy living, and put a focus on providing not just food, but Good Food For All.

They were receiving more than enough non-perishable foods through generous donations, but what they really wanted to provide were more nutritious fresh foods like vegetables, milk, and meat.

In order to provide food to their members, what Eden needed was money. 

With monetary donations, they could

a) provide more food,  

b) provide better and fresher foods, 

c) help fund the educational programs that were so beneficial to the healthy lifestyles of their members.

For Eden’s annual Hunger Awareness campaign, they approached BTI with the challenge of increasing the amount of financial donations and fresh food donations. This would require a shift in the mindset of potential donors about the way they were donating. 

Working closely with the Eden team, BTI developed the “Think Outside the Can” campaign which aimed to educate individual and corporate donors about the advantages of financial donations.

The campaign was launched to a receptive crowd at their annual breakfast event, and, with the help of generous donors and corporations, exceeded financial donation targets. This helped generate a significant increase in fresh food donations compared to previous years.

We are happy to have played a part in changing the way people donate to food banks, and helping Eden in their ongoing mission of providing Good Food For All.

Check out the video to see how we helped Eden reach their goals! 



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