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Posted by Div on October 19, 2020


If you are like us, and you have been living under a rock for a good part of quarantine, you will have, at some point, come across some youngin’s filming themselves do a quick 30-second dance to what sounded like 2003 Shakira. 

Did you hear that right?

Yup. That’s right, Shakira is back. But with a twist.

TikTok is a new social media platform that is taking the internet by its pants and creating quite a stir. The platform revolves around quick content creation, usually tied to a sound. The sounds can be original recordings or popular songs, but what makes TikTok so exciting, is the fact that these sounds can be shared and reused. Teens, adults, and seniors alike are discovering new music through TikTok and sharing short dance routines, “TikTok Dances”

With a massive community behind it, TikTok is the 2020 evolution of 2014’s It has grown very quickly in the last two years under the new name, TikTok. Since this surge of users flocking to TikTok’s platform, we’ve seen a revolution in the way content is created and consumed online. TikTok’s appeal, apart from the musical aspect, is that anyone can create and be discovered. You do not need fancy equipment, a special camera, or even a computer! Simply pick up your phone, create and post. TikTok’s advanced algorithms have made it so easy for users to be discovered through the homepage of the app, that many have become overnight celebrities from casually posting their videos. What this means is that, by publishing relevant videos to the app, the app will then serve your videos to users it thinks will enjoy them. And it does this really well.

TikTok’s content discovery tools aside, it’s just plain fun. TikTok frequenters are starting trends, engaging with one another, and influencing culture with their videos, under a minute.

So what does this mean for business? 

Start making TikToks!

Have some fun with it, get creative and have your staff join in on the fun as well. Any and every business can get involved and all it takes is a phone and some internet. TikTok’s engagement metrics are out of this world and businesses can stand to generate a truly engaged audience with the right creative and some consistency.

We compiled some of our favourite TikToks for you to watch and get inspired! Check them out below, and reach out to your favourite Connectors at #TeamBTI to get started with the right TikTok strategy to boost your business engagement online and acquire a new audience:



Canada Beef Tik Tok



Dominos Tik Tok






Zack Tik Tok



Gym Shark Tik Tok



Brittany Tik Tok