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Posted by Amit Chail on December 17, 2013

In the highly competitive and saturated market offering daily deals, TangoTab launched a new business model with the help of BTI Brand Innovations in 2010. While offering restaurant deals in a very new fashion, TangoTab also decided to help the millions of people who go hungry each year in the USA.

TangoTab provides restaurant deals to consumers without purchasing a deal upfront. Consumers simply reserve a deal of their choice and show the restaurant their confirmation to redeem their special offer.  Restaurants pay only a small fee for every confirmed offer and create their own offers at any time, allowing them to offer last minute savings to customers.

Not only does TangoTab offer a significantly different value to both consumers and restaurants, they also take social responsibility to the next level. TangoTab decided to donate meals to people in need every time people used their service. Restaurants lined up to and joined TangoTab in sharing the meals to the hungry. TangoTab partnered up with the local food banks and other organizations to donate meals to the people in need in their communities.

NFL celebrities have also provided their endorsements to help feed the hungry. Most recently, football great LaDainian Tomlinson (known to his millions of fans as “LT”) is getting his hands in on the TangoTab mission to raise awareness about the fight against hunger.

TangoTab also holds many food drives to raise awareness and to collect food items to help out the local food banks.

To encourage consumers to help the hungry even more, TangoTab recently added a feature in their smartphone app called My Philanthropy. This section shows in real time the number of meals that have been donated because of you, your friends and by TangoTab around the country. This allows users to experience the fact that they alone can feed one person, but their network of friends can feed a larger community working together.

With TangoTab, it’s simple to do a good deed and help the hungry. BTI is very pleased and honoured to play a small part in helping launch TangoTab to become a great example of a company that gives back through innovation and social responsibility.