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Posted by Parveen on March 20, 2014

BTI was asked to assist with the launch of Whirlpool Appliances within Home Depot stores. With so many appliance brands to choose from, Whirlpool Canada needed to ensure their brand remained top of mind with retail sales associates and consumers alike.

BTI Brand Innovations conceptualized the theme “Building on Innovation” to convey the leading-edge position of Whirlpool brand appliances. The theme messaging was present through the launch event, which included themed banners and a Whirlpool brand video to generate excitement and brand awareness.

A sales force is better equipped to sell products when they have more product knowledge. With this in mind, BTI helped design binders filled with brand literature including brochures and detailed product spec sheets to be provided to Home Depot sales staff. The intention was for Home Depot sales staff to be comfortable with Whirlpool products so that they could better answer customer questions – eventually leading to greater sales.

In order to raise consumer awareness about the new partnership, Home Depot sales staff were provided with buttons which featured an “Ask Me About Whirlpool” call to action. Consumers also received in-store flyers featuring promotions that encouraged the purchase of Whirlpool branded products.

The initial launch was overwhelmingly successful. Whirlpool Canada experienced a dramatic increase in sales over the first 3 months and continues to see growth.