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Posted by Stuart Jansen on September 23, 2015

It's only September, and believe it or not, it's already time to start thinking about Christmas! Among all the hustle and bustle and yuletide spirit, don't forget to take the time to appreciate your clients and customers; the backbone of your business. In our experience, it's not just about offering discounts, it's about making your customers feel truly appreciated through personalized greetings!

We know what you're thinking, "is it really worth my time, money and effort?", and the answer is yes, if you make it worthwhile. Like with any marketing initiative, you can only get what you put into your greeting. There is always the temptation to cut costs and go generic, but we have heard time and time again from clients, that when they don't put effort into their greetings it ends up in the trash rather than leading to a follow-up call or 'thank you' email.

Once the decision is made to invest in a custom branded Holiday greeting the next question is whether to use a physical card or email? How many physical cards did you receive last year? How often do you check you mail vs. check your email?  E-greetings offer a lot more benefits than physical cards including analytics, interactivity, and low distribution costs. Since there is no more stigma around receiving e-cards, you should reap the benefits they offer. Don't get us wrong, physical cards are great, we love their creativity, tangibility, and how they compliment web based campaigns, which is why we send them out every year along-side our email.

With planning and effort, an e-greeting can be an effective part of a marketing plan. Here are some ways that a personalized holiday greeting is a great business tool:

1) Customer Touchpoint:

How often do you contact customers? No matter how large or small your business, each customer touchpoint is invaluable. Greeting cards and e-cards are a great way to reach out to your clients without being intrusive!

2) Stay Top of Mind:

There is only one way to remain top of mind with customers; remind them you exist. You can never reach a customer too many times, and a Holiday greeting is just a friendly reminder that your business exists.

3) Humanize Your Brand:

Customers sometimes see brands as a logo trying to sell them stuff, and when we send them flyers, and offers we only reinforce this idea. By sending a Holiday greeting, you remind the customers that there are people behind the brand, real people, with real emotions who really care about them.

4) Differentiate Your Brand:

No, you aren't the only business with the brilliant idea of sending Holiday greetings, but if your customers see that you put more effort into your greeting than your competitor, then they value your efforts and are more likely to continue business with you.

5) Generate Leads:

Sending a card or a cute video won't get you new leads, but it doesn't mean that a Holiday greeting can't generate new leads for you. With proper planning, and effective execution, you can make your greeting into a tool to reach new customers, and even gain CASL opt-ins for your email list. is a tool we developed that not only generates great, personal Holiday greetings, but combined with incentivization and ease-of-sharing, it can be an effective way to generate new business leads and CASL compliance as well! Find out more about this great tool here.

Are you interested in creating your own custom Holiday greeting campaign? Let's get in touch and discuss your needs. Together we can create a great experience for your customers!