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Whirlpool Canada - Habitat For Humanity 2018

Campaign That Impacts Lives


Each year Whirlpool provides their employees the opportunity to participate in building affordable housing with Habitat for Humanity. BTI was tasked with developing a corporate communications campaign that would motivate a record number of employees to take part.


BTI’s insight was to create an emotional connection through the impact the program has on people’s lives. To visually represent this, building tools were formed out of bold, custom typography. Elements included a series of 5 colourful posters and a giant free-standing hammer cutout designed to draw people’s attention to the sign-up wall. Once people filled out pledge cards, they were directed to place them in such a way as to form radiating shards that showed the impact they were making.


The campaign was a huge success across the country with 145 volunteers from Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Together they donated 1015 hours of their time towards building decent, affordable homes and a brighter future for families.